Peaceful demostration must be supported!

Before Asria Mohamed had come to speak to us at shool I had no idea about what was happening in Western Sahara.

I couldn`t imagine that it is the last colony in Africa which is still fighting for its freedom from Morocco, that it has one of the most organized refugee camp in the world (with more than 165.000 people), or that in this area there is the second longest wall that humans have ever built(after the Chinese ONE), which divides the country in two different areas where you can`t travel in.

I know that my unknowledge is unacceptable but as Asria said, most of the people are in this same situation, unconscious of what`s been happening for so many years. She told us that this ignorance is justified by the silence of the media. This might make no sense for you, why shouldn`t media write about this really big conflict? Her answer is as simple as sad: the information that people want to read are about drama and violence, while polisario (the movement that`s trying to make WS independent) use only peaceful demonstration to defend their ideas. This is what really shocked me the most! How is possible that having views is more important than giving solidarity to those people who are doing the right thing? It`s so hypocritical that we all say that wars are bad and that instead of them there should be more peaceful movements, and then, when somebody actually try to change things, we just ignore them. What kind of message do we give them?

It would be so important for them to have support, and we can give it to them even only writing on newspapers about the story of Sultana, a defender of human rights who`s been hit and kicked many times by Moroccan police during peaceful demonstration while she was just standing in a road. She had really serious injuries and once, in 2007, she had been beated so hard that her eye fell out. But this didn`t stopped her and now she`s still protesting with many others people like her.

They must know that they are not alone and that what they`re doing will help us understand that we can always find a good way to solve problems.


The importance of the Operation Day

Operation day’s work is a student solidarity movement based on the idea that we should help people who are less lucky than us.

Every year the schools in Norway dedicate an entire week to this project and on this period students talk about problems like poverty, inequality and developments. Then at the end of this they all go to work for one day and donate what they earn to this campaign.

This year OD will devolve money to help solving the environment problems caused by oil in Bodo, Nigeria. There the situation is catastrophic because that village once used to be important to fishing, but these days fishes are all dead and the few ones that are still alive are so contaminated by oil that it’s really hunealthy to eat them. The whole river is covered with a dark layer and all the ecosystem around it’s destroyed.

We should had never arrived at this point, but now that we are there is only one thing to do: help them to fix the mess that we’ve caused. Of course students don’t have to do this if they don’t want, but I think that we must grow up aware of the fact that lots of people do not have our same advantages and if there’s a way to help it’d be good to do it because we must respect human rights of everybody if we want ours to be respected.


What can we learn from the flood in Texas?


In these days Texas had to face up with a flood that was one of the biggest that has ever happened in America.

About three weeks ago also the area where I live in Italy had to confront with an hurricane and we were all so scared and terrified. We tried that horrible feeling of having no power in front of the nature, and this event was nothing compared to the one in Texas. I can hardly imagine how people could have felt and, even if we can’t completely control disaster like this, it made me upset knowing that global warming contributed to “make a bad situation worse”. Because of it, rainfalls have been more intense, bigger, longer-lastings and heavier. So now that we are conscious about this I hope that we’ll pay more attention in our actions because they’ll have consequences even if we aren’t the one who will have to deal with them. Of course we won’t be able to reduce the release of greenhouse gases without the help of industries and governments butI think that if we all do something our mentality will change and with it I hope also our society.

How can we make the world a better place?

Every day we heard at the television people talking about all the problems that we have in our world, like poverty, gender inequality, politics and many others, but in my opinion we should all be more focused on the environment.

Right now it should be our biggest priority, because if we just carry on with this crazy, insane desire of wealth without taking care of our planet, it will end with not having it anymore. We’re destroying one the most beautiful thing that we could ever wish, but the problem is that this doesn’t even make sense because once the earth will be gone we’ll probably die with her.

I just hope that we’ll all be less selfish and try to do the best that we can, even if it will be only a small thing, to save and preserve our beautiful planet that doesn’t deserve to be treated like we are doing!